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Think and act for the long term


We take responsibility

Sustainability is a topic that concerns both our employees and us as a group of companies. As a medium-sized, owner-managed company, personal responsibility is important to us. We think in terms of years rather than quarters. When we deal with sustainability, we try to take very operational and concrete action on the one hand and tackle as many challenges as possible in a meaningful way on the other. For example, there are numerous activities around the topic of diversity. We are also working intensively on the topic of family friendliness and flexibility. We are also committed to promoting and inspiring students' enthusiasm for digital topics, as well as increasing the proportion of women in the IT sector.

Charta der Vielfalt

We have signed the Charta der Vielfalt because we are committed to more diversity in the world of work. We are convinced that diverse teams work more successfully. Everyone brings different perspectives and skills to the team. This diversity generates new ideas that drive projects forward. Within the digital family, we treat each other with respect and stand up for each other. Our strength lies in community. We give space to different points of view and recognize diverse attitudes and interests. Racism, bullying and discrimination have no place here.            

To promote diversity, we implement various measures for diversity, inclusion and participation. These include our Diversity Day activities, such as the change of perspective. We also take part in the Diversity Challenge of the Diversity Charter and promote women in IT professions through our participation in the Avanja initiative in Bremen.

Mitarbeitende von team neusta nehmen am Planspiel der HEC zu Diversity teil

Excellent family-friendly

We attach great importance to the compatibility of work, family and private life for our employees. To support this balance, we rely on trust, personal responsibility, flexible working time models, remote working and working from home. In addition, there is always the option to make individual arrangements that suit your current life situation. For our commitment, we have been awarded the "Excellent Family-Friendly" quality seal by the state of Bremen.

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For 2024, the kununu platform has recognized us as one of the best employers in Germany. According to kununu, we have been one of the top companies for several years now. The award is based on the kununu ratings on the employer profile. Since 2009, we have been regularly rated there by current and former employees and are above the average ratings in the industry. That makes us proud!

Code Week

Getting children and young people interested in IT - that's the aim of Code Week, which takes place every year during the fall break. We organize Code Week together with the Körber Foundation and other Bremen-based companies. Our aim is to introduce boys and girls to the digital world in a fun way. To this end, we offer various workshops to get them interested in hacking and programming.

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Women in IT

We are involved in Avanja, an initiative of the industry association bremen digitalmedia. The aim of the initiative is to encourage more women to work in IT professions. Avanja shows companies how to counter the shortage of skilled workers and reach women in a targeted manner. We fully support this project. After all, mixed teams are more successful and innovative. For example, we took part in the "Avanja Recruiting Challenge" to optimize our recruiting processes and improve our approach to women and female graduates.

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Business meets young talent

A new approach to career guidance: the Tandem Power project motivates young talent for IT professions and attempts to counteract the shortage of skilled workers. The idea: up to 25 students and company representatives get to know each other over two days. There are workshops to familiarize them with the professions. Typical IT clichés are also dispelled. We are part of the project to support the promotion of young talent and counteract the shortage of skilled workers.

Logo von Projekt TandemPower, das IT-Unternehmen und Schüler zusammenbringt