Participation in "You make the price"

neusta enterprise services and the start-up "Den Preis machst du" are joining forces. Since the end of last year, neusta enterprise services has held a 30% stake in the start-up. The platform offers high-quality products from renowned companies such as MSC Reisen and Samsonite. 

Laptop Display Website Den Preis machst du

The principle works as follows: Suppliers are given the opportunity to post products on the platform and thus respond to capacity fluctuations at short notice. In addition to a product description, the recommended retail price is also displayed, for example. Within the offer period, users can submit a binding offer with their desired price for a product. The sellers decide which bids to accept depending on the availability of the product and the bids received. 24 hours after the end of the auction, users are informed whether their offer has been accepted.

Implementation and operation

Three companies in the group are working on the platform: neusta enterprise services, neusta marketing and neusta infomantis jointly developed the website and store. The experts are now responsible for ongoing operation and further development. Among other things, they take care of Bid processing, accounting, purchasing, controlling, content creation and maintenance as well as technical support. The platform will soon be redesigned.

The current offers and further information can be found here:

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Public Relations
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