Lünendonk® Portfolio 2023 "Leading providers for DX services": we are in 5th place

 The new Lünendonk® List 2023 of the leading providers of digital experience services and the sub-ranking, the Lünendonk® Portfolio 2023, are out.  

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In the Lünendonk® list of "Leading providers of DX services in Germany", we are ranked 16th out of 25, making us one of the "challengers". The list consists mainly of major players in the industry, but they do not necessarily have their core business in DXP. In order to show transparently which service providers focus on digital experience services (more than 75% of their turnover), Lünendonk has once again compiled a sub-ranking this year. With a total turnover of €132.6 million, we are in fifth place.

For over 30 years, the consulting and market research company Lünendonk & Hossenfelder has been compiling provider rankings of the largest B2B service segments based on transparent criteria. The rankings reflect annual market developments and provide key information on important service providers in the industry. The Lünendonk® list of leading service providers in the Digital Experience Services (DXS) segment has been published annually since 2020. There was another sub-ranking in connection with this year's study. The Lünendonk® portfolio transparently presents the positioning and market strength of the leading DXS providers. The study examined which service providers generate at least 75% of their revenue with digital experience services. In addition, a significant share of revenue must be generated in all three areas - Digital Consulting, Digital Agency Services and Digital Technology Services. This shows which DXS providers focus primarily on digital experience services and come from the digital agency market. We are delighted to take fifth place.

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