Partnership with Mercury.AI for the integration of AI-based chatbots

News from Cologne: thanks to the cooperation between neusta webservices and the innovative provider of AI-based chatbots, we have the opportunity to offer our customers even better customer service solutions.

Illustration Smartphone für Partnerschaft team neusta und Mercury AI

Thanks to its AI-based technology, GmbH enables more efficient customer communication in which the functionalities of AI chatbots and live messaging interact perfectly. Through our partnership with, a relevant chatbot technology can be integrated into complex software projects and the customer journey can be made more effective.
With the help of AI-based language understanding capabilities, the chatbots can identify customer concerns and answer recurring questions automatically. More complex queries that cannot be answered by the smart chatbot are forwarded to service employees. Thanks to this functionality, our customers' service processes can be implemented within the Digital Experience Platform (DXP) without waiting times and customer satisfaction can be increased.

A major advantage of working with for us is data protection compliance, as all data is cloud-based and hosted in Europe. This means our customers can be confident that their data is managed and used in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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