Update Google Consent Mode v2

A new EU directive affects Google: adjustments in Google Consent Mode v2 are now required for website operators who use Google Ads and Analytics. We give you an overview of what you need to know!

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Changes and effects for website operators
This year, due to a new EU directive, some significant changes are coming to Google, such as the "Google Consent Mode v2" update. The aim of the update is to improve user privacy and data compliance. In order to ensure this, existing Google Consent Mode implementations must be adapted or, under certain conditions, made mandatory. Everyone who uses Google services such as Google Ads and Google Analytics is affected by the changes.

What is Google Consent Mode anyway?
Google Consent Mode is an interface between a website and Google. Google uses this interface to find out what consent users have given regarding the use of cookies.

The update introduces new important functions with Google Consent Mode v2. Among other things, there are two additional parameters for the Consent Mode API "ad_user_data" and "ad_personalization". This makes it possible for websites to manage and reflect user consent preferences more precisely - especially with regard to advertising data and personalized ads.

When do the changes take effect?
If you use any of the following services or features, you will need to make adjustments:

As of March 2024

  • Use of measurement tags for Google Ads or Google Floodlight in websites and apps
  • Use of remarketing lists in Google Ads or from Google Analytics 4
  • Import of user data for Google Ads advertising purposes

From December 31, 2024

  • Use of Google Ads conversion tracking (also via Google Analytics 4)
Consequences of non-compliance
Non-compliance with the new guidelines can have significant consequences for web performance. 
These include, among other things:
  • Restrictions on data collection and use
  • Restriction of analysis capabilities
  • Restrictions on the personalization and effectiveness of online campaigns

Google Consent Quick Check
Our Google experts offer a quick check: They will check whether your company is affected by the changes and what adjustments are necessary to continue using Google services. If further action is required, our experts will support you with the implementation. The quick check can be used to ensure that your company can continue to access all Google services and functions in the future.


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