That was AI in action!

No buzzwords, but concrete examples, impulses and tips on how artificial intelligence can be used in companies - that's what was on offer at KI konkret! It covered a wide range of topics: from the sustainable use of AI and value-based maintenance to IoT and robotics through to data-driven business models.

Gäste KI Konkret Event von team neusta im Schuppen Eins in Bremen

The speakers gave customers and partners practical insights into the use of AI by means of application scenarios, process presentations and business models. Among others, Evgenij Nazarenus from Nortal AG gave an example from Estonia in his presentation "Learning from the best - sustainability in many facets". It was about how sustainable AI and resource efficiency are used in public administration in Estonia. Hagen Lager from the University of Bremen gave an overview of the current state of research on cognition-based robots. These can support people in everyday life, for example when setting and clearing the breakfast table. Eike Humpert from VfL Wolfsburg also revealed which data plays a role in the fan journey. The data can be used to derive insights that enable a targeted and needs-oriented approach to fans. Two workshops were held in parallel to the presentations: an interactive workshop on image recognition with MS365 by Sven Sieverding (HEC) and an IoT simulation game run by Cornelius Stiegler (team neusta). In addition to the active knowledge enrichment through lectures, discussions and workshops, the networking breaks were also used to exchange ideas and for in-depth discussions.

An important message that ran through the event was that the focus is always on people. It is important for companies to involve employees in the use of AI from the outset and to dispel any prejudices against the technology. In particular, the concern that artificial intelligence would replace us humans is unjustified, according to the experts during a panel discussion on the topic of "How to get started".


Diverse, informative, stimulating, concrete and insightful - these are just some of the terms used by the participants in a feedback round at the end of the event. Nils Götzel (Procedes Group) summarized his impressions: "AI is a super complex topic, which makes you respect it at first. The day opened my eyes and I now have a better understanding and a stronger practical relevance." And "KI konkret! has given me lots of ideas and inspiration," as Susanna Maria Trumpf (EWE Netz GmbH) sums it up so well.

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