15 years of neusta enterprise services: focus on cross-industry consulting services

neusta enterprise services is celebrating its 15th anniversary as a specialist for individual IT consulting services.

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Since the company was founded in November 2008, the management team led by Antje Meyer-Heder and Dirk Kabus has built up a 60-strong team. One focus of their service portfolio is IT consulting services and project management in the tourism industry. The second mainstay is cross-industry SAP consulting and projects, including in the supply/disposal, sanitary wholesale, food production, leisure parks and airports sectors. Since 2021, the company has expanded its expertise to include "public

Specifically, the services include project management as well as process analysis, optimization and digitalization. In the SAP environment, the experts work on end-to-end process consulting and leveraging innovation potential within the SAP product family. TUI and the Oldenburgisch-Ostfriesische Wasserverband (OOWV) are among the first customers. Since then, neusta enterprise services has worked successfully with both in various projects. "We have implemented over 500 projects in 15 years. These have ranged from small, short-term projects to longer-term projects in the seven-figure range. Such an achievement can only be achieved through good teamwork," emphasize Antje Meyer-Heder and Dirk Kabus, Managing Directors of neusta enterprise services.

Doing good

To mark its 15th anniversary, the company would like to give back some of the appreciation and positive cooperation it has experienced over the years. Around 3,000 euros will therefore be donated to the art workshop at the Roter Hahn children's and youth studio in Gröpelingen. The art workshop is an initiative of the non-profit association "Kultur Vor Ort e.V." and is a central location for art and cultural education. "Around 15 young people implement impressive projects in the art workshop. In my view, the young people of today are the creators of tomorrow. It is important to encourage creativity. After all, creativity boosts self-confidence and encourages innovative thinking. It is a matter close to my heart to support this project. Our donation has secured funding for the art workshop for six months," explains Dirk Kabus.

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