Extensions for SAP Commerce products

The Group's experts are developing extensions for SAP Commerce, thereby expanding the SAP competence portfolio. Specifically, this involves three extensions for: Speed Kit, Tiny Pictures and Unzer Payment.

Illustration Extensions für SAP Commerce von team neusta

SpeedKit is a performance add-on from Baquend that increases the performance of a website. Using dynamic caching, intelligent browser caching and on-the-fly image optimization, websites can be loaded much faster. This in turn leads to an optimal customer experience and increases the advantage over the competition. The SAP experts at team neusta use the extension to ensure a smooth connection to SAP Commerce.

Unzer offers highly flexible payment solutions for online stores and POS terminals for all industries. With an individually selectable mix of all available payment methods, even more customers can be reached. The "Unzer Payment Integration" product extension developed by team neusta is used to connect Unzer to SAP Commerce. The required interfaces and processes have already been created, saving companies the development effort required to integrate Unzer independently.

The Page Speed Booster from tiny.pictures optimizes the loading times of websites by integrating real-time image processing. The server has to send less data as the assets are loaded from the tiny.pictures CDN. In addition, images are saved in the highest resolution and automatically converted to different image sizes if required. By integrating this extension, the amount of data that would have to be stored on the SAP Commerce server is reduced. 

The three product extensions developed by team neusta have been thoroughly tested by SAP and are now available in the store for all SAP customers and partners. The functionality of the extensions has already been tested in various projects.

"Recognized Expertise" award
SAP also awarded team neusta's experts the "SAP Recognized Expertise" for the area of SAP Commerce. With this award, SAP recognizes the know-how in the area of consulting.

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