team neusta navigates well through the corona crisis

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Bremen, February 11, 2021 - The coronavirus crisis had a different impact on the individual companies in the Group last year. Nevertheless, team neusta managed to keep its overall annual turnover stable at the previous year's level of around 120 million euros. There were positive effects from the expansion of the digital family to include the CGI experts from Effekt-Etage and the launch of the Übersee Campus.

"At the beginning of 2020, we faced an extremely challenging situation due to the pandemic, which our group of companies mastered well with a great deal of joint effort and energy," says team neusta Managing Director Heinz Kierchhoff, looking back. "We felt the effects of coronavirus directly in the tourism sector. On the other hand, we were able to benefit from issues such as the implementation of digital tools for working from home and remote working. This enabled us to achieve stability and planning security for the entire Group," continued Kierchhoff. "Total turnover reached the previous year's level of 120 million euros."

Remote working works

As an IT company, team neusta has a clear advantage when it comes to working from home - the teams are digital and can work from anywhere. The majority of employees have been working remotely since March 2020. To make this possible, significant investments were made in the corresponding technical and communication infrastructure. Kierchhoff adds: "For working from home to work successfully for all sides, you also need a corporate culture that is based on personal responsibility and trust. All of our employees are used to organizing themselves to a high degree. They know how important coordination and communication are. We encourage other companies to follow this path and to see it as a further development of their own corporate culture."

CGI business division expanded

The digital family grew at the beginning of 2020: team neusta acquired a majority stake in Effekt-Etage GmbH in Berlin, which specializes in Computer Generated Imagery (CGI). The Bremen-based group of companies is thus expanding its portfolio in the areas of 3D data-based brand and product communication, VR/AR and virtual film and photo shoots. "In this way, team neusta can enrich its technical ecosystem with premium visual content, creative storytelling and fascinating user experiences. Above all, our customers benefit because they receive holistic product communication at all touchpoints of a modern user journey from a single source," explains Kierchhoff.

Digital ecosystem in Bremen's Überseestadt district

Networking, growing together and strengthening Bremen as a location - this has been team neusta's goal with the Übersee Campus since October 2020. "We have had the best experiences with networking and knowledge transfer over the past 27 years of our existence. Growth and economic success can be achieved much better and faster through exchange and cooperation," says Carsten Meyer-Heder, founder and managing partner of the team neusta group of companies. Interested digital companies can rent flexible space in Schuppen Eins and in both Office Centers Überseestadt. The exchange between the neusta companies and the tenants creates a digital hotspot that bundles synergies and benefits everyone involved.

Among the best 230 IT service providers

The Bremen-based group of companies is highly regarded in the industry as an IT service provider - this was confirmed by the brandeins ranking in November 2020. brandeins worked with Statista to identify the best 230 IT service providers and recognized team neusta in the Software Implementation & Maintenance category. More than 5,700 IT experts and customers were surveyed for the ranking - an award therefore means a positive vote from the market. Kierchhoff summarizes: "In addition to versatile know-how and innovative ideas, we rely on trust and a cooperative partnership in projects. Our customers value this and it is reflected in the recommendations of the study participants."

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