team neusta supports blockchain in the travel industry

The Bremen digital group is part of the Camino network.

Illustrierendes Bild für Blockchain als Perspektive auf die Erde aus dem All

Bremen, 26.04.2023 -Transparent, secure processes and an infrastructure that makes it possible to build new applications - this is what Chain4Travel wants to ensure with the Camino network in the tourism industry. team neusta is involved as a validator and thus supports the development of the blockchain ecosystem. The digital group is also promoting the network by empowering other companies as validators, such as the Verband Internet Reisevertrieb (VIR). "Blockchain is a viable technology that has great future potential - especially for the travel industry. Interesting use cases can be created, for example in the area of customer loyalty," says Jens Barthel, Managing Director of neusta data intelligence.

For example, the Camino network enables travel providers to process bookings, payments and new service offerings more securely and efficiently via a blockchain. Payments are made in the cryptocurrency CAM. The network is based on a consensus algorithm. This means that several validators check and approve transactions. team neusta is one of them. The company operates a so-called node in the network. This runs software that checks transactions that are running on the blockchain and confirms them if they are correct. "As a validator, we contribute to greater transparency and traceability in transactions. We can also provide sustainable technical support for decision-making processes in the travel industry," says Barthel.

team neusta not only acts as a validator, but also advises interested companies from the travel industry that would like to join the network as a validator. The experts support the implementation and provide hardware and software. Recently, team neusta qualified VIR as a validator. Michael Buller, CEO of VIR, explains: "Blockchain is an exciting technology with great potential to simplify and improve many processes in travel sales in the future. For this reason, the association has decided to participate in Chain4Travel as a validator to support the introduction of the technology in the travel sector. To realize this, we turned to our association member team neusta, who advised us on the implementation of the technical requirements, provided full support and hosted the necessary server for us as a validator."

Blockchain will become increasingly important in the future and enable new services for travel providers: For example, key cards for hotel rooms could be activated via an app that is linked to the network. Booking additional services, such as a rental car or excursions, is also conceivable.

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