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Bremen, 05.07.2024 - team neusta is supporting Württembergische Gemeinde-Versicherung a.G. (WGV) as a digitalization partner. The IT experts have many years of experience in the insurance sector and know what is important. "Based on First Spirit, we have developed a customized solution for WGV and are completely redesigning the website. We are focusing on a modern, appealing design and intuitive user experience that offers added value," says Carsten Meyer-Heder, founder and CEO of team neusta.

"The collaboration with team neusta enables us to significantly strengthen our digital presence and offer our customers an even better online experience. We are convinced that the relaunch of our website will lead to a significant improvement in user-friendliness and customer loyalty," says Torsten Widmann, Director of Product Management and Marketing at WGV.

"We are delighted to be working with WGV. Our aim is to jointly develop an innovative and future-proof website that meets the high demands of WGV customers and offers them a first-class user experience," says Meyer-Heder. The website will be comprehensively revamped as part of the relaunch. The design will be replaced by a contemporary and user-centered layout to ensure an optimal user experience. The navigation will also be optimized. Customers should be able to access the desired information more quickly and intuitively.

The latest version of First Spirit, which is being migrated to the cloud, is used as the technical basis. This means that a fundamentally modern system is being used to improve the performance and security of the site. Frontwerk, the front-end development framework developed by neusta, is used for the implementation. The tool makes it possible to present the design before completion, which facilitates the approval process. It is also possible to test different use cases and design variations. In addition, Frontwerk provides comprehensive documentation of the project to make individual progress visible. It is also possible to create a style guide and a component catalog there.

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Württembergische Gemeinde-Versicherung a.G. (WGV), based in Stuttgart, has been offering customers comprehensive insurance solutions for various areas since 1921. More than 1,000 employees are on hand to assist private and municipal customers with their insurance needs.

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