team neusta supports FTI with digital transformation

Focus on optimized digital customer experiences

Bremen, 02.02.2024 - FTI-Touristik, one of the largest tour operators in Europe, is entering into a strategic partnership with the digital group team neusta. Together, they are tackling the challenges of digital transformation. Personalized travel experiences and digital interactions are becoming increasingly important in the tourism sector. Here, team neusta uses its extensive expertise in software development, artificial intelligence and digitalization consulting to meet the growing demand for tailor-made travel solutions.

"Our very close and trusting partnership unleashes the full power of two successful companies. Together, we are shaping the digital future of the FTI Group through 'state of the art' software development methods, agile product design and the integration of pioneering technologies. Working with team neusta on the digital transformation of the FTI Group is not only a successful forge for software code, but also a source of creative innovation and sustainable success, supported by a deep business relationship and mutual trust," says Pete Lindow, FTI Group Director Software Development & Architecture.

The focus of the collaboration is on improving the booking experience for customers. This includes increasing the efficiency of the booking portals as well as the maintenance and further development of FTI's in-house apps. "We are working hand in hand with FTI IT experts from all over Europe to drive forward the comprehensive relaunch of the booking portals. We are using innovative technology. Our goal is to create a powerful, modern and, above all, user-friendly portal that offers an optimal customer experience from search to booking," emphasizes Lars Seinschedt, Managing Partner of neusta software development.

The digital group's mobile experts are responsible for optimizing the travel group's own apps as well as those of other FTI Group brands, including sonnenklar.TV. The aim is to keep the apps technologically up-to-date and continuously develop them further in order to meet user expectations. "The cooperation with FTI is characterized by a spirit of partnership. We look forward to supporting the travel group with digitalization and to setting new standards for quality and user-friendliness in the travel industry together," concludes Seinschedt.

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