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 Bremen, April 21, 2021 - How can data and learning systems help support social counselors? A team of several companies from the team neusta Group is working with the German Caritas Association to examine the potential and possible applications of data and AI for the field of social counseling. The aim is to find out where and how social counseling staff can be supported in their daily work.

Social counseling generates data every day. This includes, for example, specialist knowledge from advisors who share background information and experiences on legal regulations on the intranet. It also involves current advisory cases, which are described in the documentation, as well as case data and statistics. Some of this information is sensitive, is highly protected and cannot be made available for analysis. But even the non-sensitive data holds an enormous treasure: knowing the most frequent reason for contacting the social counseling service can, for example, help to fine-tune the counseling service. However, the data is often distributed decentrally in various technical systems. How can this data be used to generate added value - for the people seeking advice, for individual advisors and also for the work of Caritas as a whole?

"This joint project with Caritas is a challenging task that we are happy to take on," says team neusta Managing Director Dr. Heinz Kierchhoff. "Our expertise covers all areas of the digital value chain. This also includes artificial intelligence - a strategic topic for the future that we are already working on intensively within the Group," continues Kierchhoff.

Caritas Germany is the Catholic welfare organization and has over 690,000 full-time employees in around 25,000 facilities and services. In addition, there are over 500,000 volunteers. The focus of their work is to help people in need: The employees and volunteers advise, accompany, care for and support young and old in various life situations.

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