New car sharing station in Überseestadt

Today, the car sharing provider cambio, together with team neusta and GEWOBA, opened a new cambio station at Schuppen eins. The cars are used by employees of the internet agency for business trips and are also available to residents of the nearby GEWOBA buildings in Hafenstraße and Überseetor as an alternative to their own car.

Carste Meyer-Heder und weitere Personen eröffnen Cambio Station am Schuppen Eins

Bremen, 02.02.2022: It is the third cambio CarSharing station in Überseestadt, which is being launched today in the parking lot at Schuppen eins. The internet agency team neusta approached cambio in advance to bring a CarSharing service to its own doorstep. The agency is providing the parking spaces for two small cars, where two Ford Fiesta cars are now available.

"Since the pandemic, our employees' need to use company cars for external appointments and business trips has fallen significantly. At the same time, we wanted to think about mobility in a more sustainable and resource-saving way without restricting our flexibility. CarSharing combines these advantages, and the concept works," says Carsten Meyer-Heder, Managing Partner of team neusta.

In addition to team neusta employees, residents of the GEWOBA "Hafenpassage" buildings in nearby Hafenstraße and Überseetor will also use the CarSharing cars. They will receive discounted access to the cambio fleet via a mobility concept for residents. GEWOBA concluded the corresponding contract with cambio as part of Bremen's parking space law. "The private and commercial demand that we expect here complements each other perfectly. This is because the cars are used on weekdays as well as in the evenings and at weekends. And the even utilization of the station significantly reduces the need for parking spaces for private cars in the surrounding area," explains cambio Managing Director Lasse Schulz.

In Bremen, cambio operates a total of 470 CarSharing cars. Of these, 390 are parked at stations with reserved parking spaces. A further 80 vehicles operate "free-flowing" in the city under the name smumo and can be parked in public parking spaces after the journey. In addition, cambio Bremen operates cars in Bremerhaven, Lilienthal, Achim, Wilhelmshaven and Leer. Across Germany, more than 108,000 people use a fleet of 2,050 cambio cars in 33 cities.

Picture: Kerstin Rolfes

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