"Together" campaign enters its second round

team neusta supports local clubs with 15,000 euros.

Trainerin in Turnhalle als Beispiel für Vereinssupport team neusta

Bremen, 01.03.2024 - Associations make an important contribution to our society. This is because they create spaces where people with similar interests can exchange ideas and network. This in turn strengthens social cohesion. Carsten Meyer-Heder, founder and managing partner of team neusta, emphasizes: "Many of our employees are involved in local associations, which we think is worth supporting. That's why we are promoting club life in Bremen with our 'Together' campaign. Associations can apply with a specific project until March 15 and receive up to 1,000 euros."

"The work of the clubs contributes significantly to community life in the city and I see it as our responsibility as a company to support this. We are looking forward to the diverse projects that we can support through our initiative," says Meyer-Heder. Anyone who needs support for a specific project - whether a sports, cultural, nature conservation, environmental protection or social association - has the opportunity to receive financial support from the digital family.

An association must meet the following requirements to apply:

- It must be a registered association (e.V.).
- The application must contain a concrete project description: What the money is to be used for, including a precise description, cost estimate/estimate, timing, contact person and contact details.
- It must be a specific project to be implemented this year.
- It must not involve the financing of ongoing costs.
- The association must agree to name team neusta as a supporter (on a website and/or social media channels) and to team neusta communicating the project via its own channels.
- A German bank account and a donation confirmation are required.

In order to help as many associations as possible, each project will be funded with a maximum of 1,000 euros. A total budget of 15,000 euros is available for the campaign.

Applications can be submitted by email to kommunikation@neusta.de by 15.03.2024.

A jury will review the projects received after the application deadline and decide on funding.

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