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The public sector is facing huge challenges. Citizens and administrative staff are longing for digital solutions and more efficient processes. A shortage of skilled workers and the changing work culture are further exacerbating this situation. Successful digitalization is crucial to keep the public sector running. However, implementing the once-only principle presents us with a daunting task. The seamless integration and networking of all registers and databases requires extensive interoperability. This is particularly challenging in a federalist country like Germany. Ensuring data security and data protection always remains a priority - a challenge that we can only meet together.

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Creating tailor-made solutions

Our team combines expertise from all areas to develop customized solutions for the public sector. We are at your side to make the vision of a modern and efficient administration a reality.

Take a look at our cases

Nationwide digital service for family law formalities

For the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, we have developed a forward-looking, digitally usable solution for paternity, maternity and custody declarations.

Nationwide digital service for adoption

As part of the OZG, we have developed a nationwide digital solution for the adoption system for the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen.

Nationwide digital service "Dein Kitaplatz"

As part of the Online Access Act, we developed the "Dein Kitaplatz" platform on behalf of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen.

Digital solution for the foster care system

As part of the Online Access Act (OZG), we designed and implemented the sub-project "Foster child placement and foster child benefit" digitally.

Strategy workshop for the "digital revolving door

We designed a team workshop for the digital revolving door.

Digital prequalification service

The Online Access Act (OZG) obliges the federal, state and local governments to offer their administrative services digitally.

SAP ERP support for OOWV

We have been supporting the Oldenburgisch-Ostfriesischer Wasserverband in the further development of the SAP ERP system and in the optimization of processes within the company.

This is how we proceed

  • Consulting

    We are your companions through the digital jungle, developing ideas, product visions and processes with you in creative workshops. We share our knowledge to strengthen your team and empower them for internal communication and coordination. 

  • Requirements management

    This is where we lay the foundations for a successful project together. Our experts systematically identify, analyze and document your project requirements. We bundle complex requirements, the interests of various stakeholders, empirical values and process knowledge here. 

  • Project management

    We accompany your projects from planning to successful implementation. We bring agile working methods and the corresponding toolbox with us. Our project managers take care of planning and adherence to timings and budgets, documentation and team communication.

  • Development

    In development, we work in sprints. It is transparent to you what our development teams are working on. Thanks to our size and experience, we are very flexible in terms of technology. The latest AI tools support our developers and are incorporated into applications after consultation.

  • Quality assurance

    Our testers ensure accurate software that meets your requirements in every respect. We use recognized test methods and procedures to ensure high quality. This also includes user tests designed according to requirements and expectations. 

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