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We revised the complete website of the popular holiday island Sylt.

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We have created a platform that perfectly meets the needs of existing and potential guests. You are now provided with a variety of relevant information and offers. Modern design and state-of-the-art technology ensure clarity and user-friendliness. The new site is also performing and conveys an ideal impression of the destination.

Tourism product cosmos in use

Destination. data continuously collects structured data and displays it alongside the editorial content with destination. pages+ on the page. By using destination. meta, other data streams are linked to the website, such as Google Places. This enables a more detailed output of information in the structured data, as well as the integration of the HRS DS booking route via TYPO3 plugin. Users can now book directly on the site. To extend the booking possibilities, there is a last-minute module that allows the structured recording of last-minute offers. To inspire users, destination. youtube, destination. instagram and destination. conversion are used. These convey impressions and emotions of the places. In addition to the pages+ editions for events, gastronomy, POI and tours as well as the editorial information pages, several newly programmed modules are at the start. For example, Sylt offers a database with babysitters for families and an approach module for travellers that adapts to the location of the users.

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