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Creating smart, useful solutions

Artificial intelligence

Your path to the use of AI

Every company should consider the potential of AI. Do you have a vision and are thinking about how it can be implemented in your company using AI? Or problems that you and your team are working on and want to solve? Do you want your production to take the step into the IoT? Our experts will advise you and check whether and how the use of AI makes sense in your company. Our aim is to integrate AI where the technology delivers real, tangible added value. Whether big data, machine learning or predictive analytics - based on the problem, we select the right technology to automate processes, for example, and take your company to the next level. Important: People are always at the center of everything we do. It is important to involve employees in the use of AI and to dispel prejudices and myths about the topic.

Our services in the field of AI

Consulting and strategy

Individual AI roadmaps, future-proof strategy development, optimization of decision-making processes, technology consulting for AI

Big Data

Real-time data processing, complex data analysis, mass data management, data storage optimization

Data Science

Predictive modeling, gaining knowledge from data, statistical data analysis, pattern and trend recognition

Business Intelligence

Information processing for decision-making, data-driven business models, performance measurement and control, optimization of business processes

Machine Learning

Automated learning processes, predictive analytics, pattern recognition, behavior prediction

Deep Learning

Artificial neural networks, advanced pattern recognition, image and speech recognition, self-learning algorithms


Data exploration and interpretation, knowledge acquisition, decision-making, performance measurement


Future forecasts, prediction models, fault detection and prevention, system reliability

Predictive AI

Predictive intelligence, behavior prediction, proactive decision making, prediction of market trends

Natural Language Processing

Text analysis and processing, machine translation, sentiment analysis, speech recognition and synthesis

Potential analyses

Recognition of opportunities, performance optimization, resource analysis, identification of growth areas

Demand Prediction

Demand forecasting, forecasting of sales figures, trend forecasting, optimization of stock levels

AI solution for a logistics company

For the logistics company Fr. Meyer's Sohn, we integrated an AI solution that allows important information to be filtered and used from emails.

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Find out how AI can improve your processes and workflows.

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