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IT security

Your path to security for your systems

Our extensive portfolio of IT security and cloud services includes specialized services for Azure and Microsoft 365 projects as well as general application security. Our expertise covers various aspects of security, from access management to specific solutions for Defender and application security.

Our IT security services

Azure projects

Advice on security, best practices (general, special requirements), access management (Entra ID, Entra-B2C, securing identities) incl. implementation of cloud-side security solutions for infrastructure, applications and data in Azure Security and secure architecture of cloud system networks, advantages and disadvantages of various solutions, Defender for Cloud, Containers, Servers. Solutions, Defender for Cloud, Containers, Servers.

M365 projects

Defender in general, best practices including implementation of access management (conditional access), identity consulting and implementation of options for Purview data loss prevention, information protection, compliance, legal regulations.

Application security in general

Penetration tests, infrastructure pentests, software architecture, authentication procedures (OIDC etc.), CI/CD security, threat modeling.

Trainings and lectures

Awareness workshops with target groups (employees and management) and keynote speeches on innovative security topics.

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