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How customer loyalty works

Marketing automation

Attract new customers, maintain existing customers

We take your brand to the next level with personalized email campaigns, effective lead nurturing and automated campaign management. We use tools such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce to do this. Automated marketing campaigns help us to contact customers in a targeted manner according to their personal interests. This allows you to acquire new customers or maintain your existing ones. Through data analysis and reporting, we ensure well-founded decisions and measure the success of your campaigns. Another benefit: you increase the efficiency of your marketing team and improve the return on investment. Together, we design individual strategies that are tailored to your needs and select the right tool for you.

What we offer you in the area of marketing automation

Email marketing automation

Personalized email campaigns, effective segmentation, automated A/B tests, time savings through automation


Automated follow-up messages, personalized content, efficient lead conversion, sales funnel optimization

Campaign management

Automated multi-channel campaigns, social media automation, effective content marketing, automated PPC management

Customer loyalty and upselling

Personalisierte Produktempfehlungen, automatisierte Treueprogramme, Steigerung der Kundenbindung, effektives Upselling

Data analysis and reporting

Automated data analysis, effective reporting, informed decision making, measurement of campaign effectiveness

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