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Robot Process Automation

Revolutionize your processes with robotic process automation

Experience the fascinating world of Robot Process Automation (RPA) with us! We are passionate experts in innovative automation solutions. From automation engineering to desktop and mail automation to active monitoring actions - we offer the full RPA spectrum. Together we optimize your processes and increase your efficiency. Let's take the path of progress and use RPA as a driving force for your success. Because our goal is to create an efficient and automated working environment for you with tailor-made RPA solutions that can give you a decisive advantage over the competition.

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Robot Process Automation solutions from team neusta

With our RPA solutions, you save time, costs and other resources and also reduce the error rate, which improves and optimizes the quality of your business processes in the long term.

Our services

Consulting and strategy

Prozessoptimierung, Automatisierungskonzepte, strategische Planung, Effizienzsteigerung, Kostenreduzierung.

Automation Engineering

Scripting, workflow design, data integration, customizable solutions, system integration.

Desktop Automation

Automation of workflows, interface automation, data extraction, error reduction.

Mail Automation

Email communication automation, data processing and analysis, workflow automation, real-time notifications, effective email management.

Active Monitoring Actions

Real-time monitoring, event-based automation, active troubleshooting, alerting and notification.


This powerful tool for web automation is a game changer. It allows us to automate recurring tasks on websites - quickly, efficiently and error-free.


A top solution for business automation. UIPath makes it easy to automate every aspect of your business, from simple tasks to complex processes.


This versatile scripting framework is an all-rounder. Whether file management, system administration or network tasks - Powershell has it all.

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