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Are you looking for a high-performance partner to further develop your existing system landscape? Or do you have a challenge for which a suitable solution has yet to be developed? In both cases, we are at your side with our digital expertise. We can step in selectively or advise you holistically. Benefit from our three decades of experience in digital business. We offer you creative sparring and open advice on your business, processes or organization and a high level of technical implementation expertise. We adapt, create and develop solutions for your challenges by thinking across industries and contributing our expertise to the success of your project. We share your passion for development and progress. Together we unleash the full potential of your company. Whether through agile methods, technology consulting or process automation - together we'll set up the best strategies to succeed in your industry and market. Our collaboration is characterized by honesty and authenticity. We work together as partners and walk your path of digital transformation together. With us, your vision becomes a tangible reality.

Our topics in consulting and strategy development

For your digital business

Innovation consulting

Trend monitoring and analysis, product and service innovation, creative problem solving, promotion of innovation culture

Technology consulting

Technology roadmap creation, selection of suitable technologies, IT architecture planning, technology implementation strategies

Agile consulting

Scrum, Kanban and lean methods, agile coaching and training, organizational design for agility, agile transformation

IT consulting

IT infrastructure management, IT security consulting, software selection and implementation, IT cost optimization

Transformation consulting

Change management, cultural change, process improvements, digital transformation

Organizational development

Team development and leadership, corporate culture and structure, strategic management, optimization of work processes


Data analysis and interpretation, BI strategy development, implementation of BI tools, data-driven decision-making

Data automation

Data extraction and processing, automated reporting, AI-driven data analysis, efficient data flows

Remote Work Consulting

Designing remote work processes, digital collaboration, remote team leadership, safety when working remotely

Process automation

Robotic process automation (RPA), workflow design and implementation, automation of routine activities, increasing process efficiency

Identity und Access Management

Identity verification and management, access control and security, compliance and data protection, implementation of IAM solutions

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