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Content management systems

CMS: Manage digital content quickly and easily

An integrated digital experience platform (DXP) is the linchpin for all your digital communication and your business. It allows you to provide your users with relevant content in a targeted and regular manner. The efficient and targeted management and organization of your content is not a time-consuming process with our content management systems (CMS). Among other things, we help you to play out content smartly, set up rights systems intelligently and boost the performance and reach of your platform online. With the right content management system as a tool, managing digital content becomes child's play: scalable, flexible and intuitive, content can be created, edited and published quickly and easily.

CMS technologies at team neusta

With our CMS technologies, we offer a wide range of solutions for managing digital content quickly and easily. We are as individual as you are. We implement content management systems that are tailored to your needs and enable efficient content management. Do you also use systems such as ERP, DAM or PIM? We support you in integrating various systems and building your digital experience platform (DXP).

Whether texts, images, videos, data or complex multimedia content - with our CMS solutions, you always have an overview and can focus on the essentials: Driving your company forward. 

After implementation, our service experts will support you with the ongoing operation of your systems and long-term development. This ensures that your platform remains state-of-the-art and up-to-date. 

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Our digital experience platforms

FirstSpirit DXP

FirstSpirit DXP is a powerful CMS for enterprise customers with high customizability. It offers integrations with CRM, e-commerce and marketing automation and native omnichannel support.

Liferay DXP

Liferay DXP is a flexible platform for all digital touchpoints. With its open architecture, it is a good choice for companies that require complex workflows and integrations.


Pimcore specializes in the management of product information and digital assets such as images and videos and is therefore used by companies that work a lot with visual content.


Magnolia offers an intuitive user interface and a high degree of flexibility, both in terms of content management design and integration with other systems.

Our content management systems


TYPO3 is a flexible open source CMS with high scalability, multilingual support and extensive functionality for complex web projects.


WordPress is a CMS that can be used to create and manage websites and blogs. It scores points for its flexibility, expandability using plugins and an active community.

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