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Intelligent systems for security and access

Identity & access management

Optimum protection for companies and data

Our goal: to protect sensitive company data in the best possible way. Security is therefore an elementary point that must be taken into account in digitalization processes. The consequences of security breaches, for example in web applications or in the company network, can be devastating: Data loss, business interruptions and reputational damage are just some of the potential risks. Thanks to years of expertise, we know what is important: Identity & Access Management (IAM) is at the heart of implementing many digital challenges. On the one hand, employees need access to data and IT systems that are relevant to them. On the other hand, you need to protect your company from threats and cyberattacks while meeting high data protection requirements. We offer a variety of (customer) identity & access management solutions that enable companies to manage identities and access rights centrally. We ensure the protection of relevant data and organized systems. We support customers when it comes to examining and optimizing existing infrastructure and cloud architectures.

Our IAM services

Identity & Access Management

Administration of digital identities, management of authorizations, advice on requirements definition, product selection, conceptual design, introduction, expansion and maintenance.

Customer Identity & Access Management

Optimization Cooperation with customers, partners and suppliers, scalable platforms for CIAM.

Managed Service

Support for running systems, operation and monitoring, error solutions, services such as updates, patches and hot fixes, all levels of IAM support.

Extended Workbenching

Solutions for individual UIs, adapters and connectors for connecting a wide variety of systems.


Identity and access management platform for complex IT infrastructures and a variety of operating systems and applications. We are a Betasystems partner.

SAP Identity Management

Comprehensive solution that focuses on compliance and governance, easy management of identities and access rights. We are an SAP Gold Partner and SAP Member.


Modern identity platform, feature-complete platform from login to multi-factor authentication. We are a partner of cidaas.

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