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Programming languages

Scalable applications for your growing business

Anyone using IT solutions must keep them up to date and constantly develop them further. From the complexity of the code to IT security and performance issues - we keep an overview and support you in the appropriate and sensible further development. As your business grows, your code needs to keep pace. With 30 years of expertise, we help you design your code so that it scales with your business.

Programming at the highest level

Our team of experts has years of experience and in-depth knowledge of a wide range of programming languages - from Java, Python and C++ to new technologies such as Kotlin, Dart and Swift. Whether you need an experienced partner for the development of a new web application or support with debugging existing code - we are here for you and will tackle it together. 

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Our common programming languages:


Strong in enterprise applications, offers robust platform independence and strong object orientation.


Modern, interoperable with Java. Ideal for Android development, improves productivity and readability.


With Flutter for cross-platform mobile apps. Easy to learn, efficient and responsive.


Apple's preferred language for iOS/MacOS apps. Fast, secure and with a modern design.

Object C

Core language for MacOS/iOS before Swift. Offers strong dynamic runtime properties.


Microsoft's framework for Windows applications. Supports many languages, strong in service orientation.


Part of .Net, for Windows and web applications. Strong type, object-oriented and versatile.


Ideal for data analysis and AI. Easy to learn, versatile and with a large community.


A program flow chart (PAP) helps to understand complex processes and identify sources of error. Ideal for planning and team communication.


SAP's own language for its software. Required for customized SAP solutions.


Specifically designed to improve code quality, it allows developers to ensure that their code is correct and reliable.


Used in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Enables customizations and extensions.

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