As an owner-managed group of companies, we are very aware of our responsibility for fairness, rule-based cooperation, risks and challenges in our behavior and actions. For us, personal and direct responsibility is practically part of our DNA. Good cooperation with customers, partners and suppliers is essential for our company's success. That is why we are creating compliance processes and contact points, working on fundamental rules and a shared understanding of fairness. Corruption has no place at our company. We investigate mistakes, rectify them and learn from them. We have various elements and tools that form the basis of our compliance structure.

Whistleblower system

Implementation of the Whistleblower Protection Act and option for anonymized reports

We have set up a whistleblower system to ensure ethical, lawful and legally compliant behavior within our group of companies, which also serves to prevent and avoid any violations of applicable law and company guidelines. This objective is aimed at our management as well as all employees of our group of companies and our business partners. Our employees and business partners (suppliers, customers, etc.) can use this whistleblower system to address questions and information relating to compliance issues to us; they also have the opportunity to report (possible) violations of laws, our Code of Conduct and our company guidelines - also completely anonymously.

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Code of Conduct

No room for corruption

Integrity, lawful and compliant behavior, or in other words, doing the right thing, are the guiding principles of our business activities. Our Code of Conduct will address compliance with applicable laws by our entire Group, its governing bodies and our employees. Lawful conduct and ethical behavior are an integral part of our business activities and a basic prerequisite for ensuring the long-term success of our company. They are also the basis for the trust that our customers, suppliers and business partners, society and our employees place in us. More on this shortly.


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Diligence in the design of our supply chains

Implementation of a system in accordance with the Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz (LkSG)

We are aware of our corporate and social responsibility to respect human rights and the environment along the entire value chain of our Group. We are committed to respecting and protecting the human rights of every individual and the environment in our own business activities and in our supply and value chains, to identifying human rights and environmental risks and to providing remedies to those affected by human rights violations. We are therefore currently working on the design and implementation of a tool to manage suppliers in accordance with the LkSG.

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Data protection

Data as a valuable asset worth protecting

Data protection is a legal requirement laid down in the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We comply with the legal requirements as a matter of course. Handling the data of our employees, customers, partners and suppliers securely and confidentially is part of our corporate responsibility. Our data protection officer and her team proactively and carefully advise those responsible in our group of companies on all data protection issues.

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Dedicated team for IT security and the challenges in this area

Cybercrime is affecting more and more companies - especially SMEs. Successful attacks can threaten a company's existence. That is why we pay close attention to the security of IT systems. We have implemented a far-reaching and comprehensive security infrastructure for our employees and external partners. Our admin team and a dedicated IT security team ensure that our system continuously responds to new challenges. We want a secure digital working environment for our teams and our customers

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