Training on digital accessibility

Together with the IT-Bildungshaus, we offer a one-day training course on digital accessibility.

Accessibility: practical and easy to understand

Our training is aimed at all professional groups along the value chain of digital products and addresses the many challenges involved in implementing accessibility. All relevant hurdles are addressed, from a lack of dissemination of know-how to legal ambiguities and blockades by stakeholders.

We offer practical solutions and convey a sound understanding of the importance of accessibility. Participants gain essential skills to successfully integrate it into their digital projects - without any prior knowledge.

Contents of the training

  • Types of disabilities
  • Models of disability
  • Assistive technologies
  • Demographics and statistics
  • Dealing properly with people with disabilities
  • Universal design
  • Accessibility on the web
  • Advantages of accessibility
  • Standards, laws and criteria catalogs
  • Tools and resources
  • Testing basics
After completing the seminar, participants will be able to understand and evaluate the needs of people with disabilities. They will know relevant laws and guidelines, be able to educate themselves independently and understand the relevance of accessibility.

Durchführung Schulung für digitale Barrierefreiheit im IT-Bildungshaus von team neusta
Beispielhafte Durchführung der Schulung für digitale Barrierefreiheit bei team neusta


Current training dates and registration can be found under the following link on the IT-Bildungshaus website:

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Managing Director
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Consultant for digital accessibility
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