How accessible is your website?

An accessibility audit is a review of the accessibility of a website or digital platform that focuses on the needs of people with disabilities. Automated tools and manual reviews are used to identify potential barriers. The audit provides a report with recommendations for resolving the accessibility issues found to ensure accessibility for all users.

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What do we offer?

  • A joint discussion about the type and scope of the audit
  • Conducting the test by UX and accessibility experts
  • Listing of the identified findings, prioritized and with examples
  • A joint discussion of the results

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When does this make sense?

Since an audit represents a snapshot of the current accessibility of a website, it is particularly useful in certain situations.

Decision support

Expand an existing product or start new development?

Milestone test

Is the current development of the product on the right track?

Conformity check

Does the product comply with accessibility guidelines?

Scope of offer

Accessibility audit

Detailed review of your product

  • In-depth testing with manual and automated processes
  • Detailed report including recommendations for action
  • Joint coordination for the next steps
 € 2.880,-
Net / plus VAT.

How we check

In Germany, the Barrier-Free Information Technology Ordinance 2.0 (BITV 2.0) applies to public bodies and the Accessibility Strengthening Act (BFSG) applies to various private providers from June 2025 as the legal basis. The BITV test is suitable for both variants, in which the WCAG 2.1 criteria are tested up to level AA, plus other requirements specified by harmonized standards and laws.

But even if you are not legally obliged to offer your website in an accessible manner, a check is worthwhile. The review of your web presence by our experienced UX and accessibility experts gives you a deep insight into the hidden potential of your website. With the results from our audits, you can develop barrier-free and user-friendly offers. Expand your customer base by holistically optimizing the user experience of your products!

Individual advice

Do you need other information or support? Contact us for individual advice. We look forward to supporting you with your digital accessibility concerns.

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