Easy language and sign language


Easy language refers to a very simplified form of everyday language that is specifically aimed at people with cognitive impairments and learning disabilities. The aim of the preparation or translation is to increase the accessibility of text-based content and to make it accessible to members of these target groups.

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Easy language is not the same as simple language


Easy language and simple language make texts easier to understand, but differ in target audience and complexity.

Easy language is for people with cognitive impairments and uses very simple sentences and words, often with pictures. Simple language is aimed at the general population and uses clear, short sentences without complicated terms.

Advantages of Easy Language

Improved intelligibility

107 / 5.000 Makes it easier for people with cognitive impairments and learning difficulties to understand texts.

Increased participation

Enables broader participation in social, political and everyday issues

Short sentences and simple words

Makes communication clearer and more accessible.

Promoting inclusion

More people have access to important information.

What do we offer?

  • Determination of needs and kick-off with clarification of the text function
  • Translations or creation of texts in easy language according to defined rules, short sentences, a simplified grammatical structure and additional explanations by certified copywriters
  • Illustration of texts through special image research
  • Sign language videos
  • Review of existing texts in easy language
  • Advice and training of editors

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Scope of offer

Easy language

per standard page (approx. 1,800 characters)

  • Determination of needs and kick-off to clarify the text function
  • Text creation and translation in easy language according to defined rules by certified copywriters
  • Image research through visual support
  • Sign language videos on request

€ 145,–

Net / plus VAT

*Price may vary depending on complexity and urgency

Individual advice

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