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Project management

Project management - agile or classic to success

Designing, planning and implementing challenging and complex IT projects, working in large project teams, remotely or on site, and all this with constantly changing requirements - that's what our project management experts can do. Our Agile Masters ensure that teams work in a way that adds maximum value, using proven methods such as Scrum or Kanban - but never dogmatically, always in a way that suits our clients and the teams. In traditional projects, e.g. based on the waterfall model, our experienced project managers steer you through the individual project phases in a structured, timely and targeted manner. Together, we will find an approach that is precisely tailored to your project, your organization, your corporate culture and your expectations and that focuses on the benefits.

Our project management services

Agile project management

Flexibility and adaptability, structured procedures for complex challenges, efficiency and high quality, quick successes

Classic project management

Solide Strukturen mit sequenziellen Solid structures with sequential processes, clearly defined scope, detailed project planning with defined milestones, comprehensive documentation

Project planning

Clarification of objectives, requirements and expectations, conceptual design, preparation of feasibility studies and sound basis for decision-making, budget planning

User-centered requirements management

Consistent focus on the needs of users, recording and managing requirements, backlog maintenance and prioritization

Efficient control and team management

Experienced and certified experts, coaching, leadership and motivation of project teams, management of interfaces and external dependencies, responsibility for project success

Monitoring and adjustments

Continuous monitoring of time, budget and quality, forecasts, proactive risk management, early implementation of necessary changes, change management, documentation

Quality assurance

Definition of quality standards, test planning and execution, quality improvement measures, error tracking and correction, successful project completion

Effective and transparent communication

Regular exchange of ideas and feedback, visualization of progress, updates and reports for all participants

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